Dinámica Monstruosa

The work called “Dinámica Monstruosa” [Monstrous Dynamic] is a series of works in a permanent process, on which instances can be identified, which delineate the route, producing a displacement from the art territory to other fields, returning to the gallery as the significant geographic place of the art field, a proper operation of what Rolnik defines as “extra-disciplinary”.

It is also difficult to define this work called “Monstrous Dynamic” in terms of its characterization and description, but it can be summarised by establishing that it revolves around the connection of the audience with 14 cloth dolls of approximately 25 centimetres high. Each of them has a technical sheet which describes its character, the problems and the possible solutions to them, and with the participation of the people who attend the performances (in person or virtually), the monster dolls are developing and broadening their personal stories. 

The dolls were made collectively for 3 months together with the students from 3rd year of Escuela Liliana Maresca from Villa Fiorito (a neighbourhood in a position of economic and social vulnerability, located in the suburban fabric of the Province of Buenos Aires), thanks to the program called “Art and Territory” of Espacio Tucumán. Thus, it is a work created by an artist, in collaboration with a group of students from an educational institution, which can only be made in that context, but which takes on its condition as a work, by going beyond it.

However, the students keep the dolls, which will continue to be part of their academic biography, and question their subjectivities from a solid group framework.

Extract from the thesis written by Manuela Mendez for Master’s Degree in Theatre and Performing Arts of the Universidad Nacional de las Artes, 2020.