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Roto-2011-Performance 7 dias 7 horas por dia-Premio Petrobras


“Roto” (Broken), 2011.
Performance and installation
Duration of the performance: 7 days 7 hours non-stop per day.
600 by 500 by 250 cm.

Roto [Broken], in its own way, is a meditation and a staging of time passage. The artist herself approaches the central concept of “irreversibility” to describe her work. Each piece, each operation contained in her action is related to a certain time dimension: Belén loses the sense of time by going into a ritual trance of automatic repetitions; the objects on which she works bear the brunt of time which has caused their obsolescence; whatever is broken is no longer what it was in the past; the action itself can only be developed over time and the result is the triumph of an irreversible entropy.”

Luis María Rojas.