Dear Machine

“Querida Maquina” (Dear Machine), 2021, video performace.

Is a video made in a pedagogical tone and full of humour in which we can see the artist Belén Romero Gunset showing a series of drawings while explaining to a machine the basis of her philosophical system. This system, structured around a series of argument formulas – like refutation, contradiction or disqualification – and of a limited colours palette, allows her to organize the drawings and paintings, whose compositions codify in images metaphysical questionings about the contemporary condition which she finds represented in objects and real-life situations. It is with this perspective that two apples can face the issue of “being or not being”, the shape of a cassette, to remember the need not to repeat themselves and to always change, or the action of drinking mate under an ombú tree, to symbolize “the distancing from being in favour of being-at”. Made during the confinement months of 2020 with colouring pencils, these witty, educational and school-based drawings get back with humour to the possibility of the philosophical thought, in which the astonishment expands the material limits of our houses into a space of transcendental grace.

“Dear machine”, 2021, English version.